Gesualdo and Scelsi in Fürth

Vocalconsort BerlinTomorrow I’m off to Germany for a concert of Gesualdo motets and works by Scelsi with the Vocalconsort Berlin and James Wood at the Stadttheater Fürth. It’s semi-staged and I’m looking forward to seeing the set and video projections from director Hans-Werner Kroesinger – but I am having trouble fitting my costume in my suitcase when I’ll need to bring back as much German chocolate as possible…

The concert is on Weds 17 October at 8pm.

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New recordings added

Die Fledermaus - Johann Strauss

I’ve added a couple of recordings taken in Sweden and Cambridge with fantastic pianists Freddie Brown and Jeremy Cole – an eclectic selection of Johann Strauss and Benjamin Britten. Enjoy!

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Gramophone award for Trinity College Choir “Howells” CD

A CD of music by Herbert Howells which I recorded with the Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge, in Summer 2011 has won a Gramophone Award. Apparently it is the first time a Cambridge chapel choir has won this award. Unfortunately, I missed out on the celebratory drinks reception because I was singing Bach in Suffolk…!

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New photos

The Rake's Progress - Dress rehearsalSome new photos added from a couple of past opera productions, including me wearing lampshades and greek masks. But I’m still waiting to get hold of the ones of me in the fabulous pink wig as Galatea in Rohstoff Oper production of Handel’s “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo” earlier this year – watch this space…!


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Photos and Psychopaths

Carlo Gesualdo

Carlo Gesualdo – Renaissance composer and murderer…

I love the costumes and projections that you can see in the photos from the original April performances of “From Inside” by Vocalconsort Berlin . I’ll be performing the same programme of Gesualdo and Scelsi motets with them in Fürth, near Nuremberg, next month.

Did you know that Gesualdo murdered his wife and her lover in 1590? I didn’t until I read this review from Germany’s classical music radio station Kulturradio of the performances earlier this year. I wonder which composers today will be regarded as psychopaths in the future?

The music of Giacinto Scelsi is also new to me – you can definitely hear the allusions to Renaissance composers (Scelsi lived during the 20th Century), but he was also clearly quite experimental for his time. The oscillating pitches and vowel-sounds in the works we will be performing are quite a challenge to learn!

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Gesualdo and Scelsi with Vocalconsort Berlin

>Booking opens tomorrow for this interesting concert of Gesualdo and Scelsi Motets singing in with the Vocalconsort Berlin and conductor James Wood at the Stadttheater Fürth near Nuremberg, Germany.

It’s titled “From Inside”, is semi-staged with video projections and uses a special sort of tuning – “a kind of extended meantone”. Some of the Gesualdo motets are unfinished ones that have been newly completed.

It will be my first time in Nuremberg and Fürth…and my first time singing to this meantone tuning!

The concert is on 17 October at 8pm – tickets are €22 and go on sale from tomorrow.

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“St. John Passion” at Fressingfield

Johann Sebastian Bach.

Looking forward to singing Bach’s “St. John Passion” with Vox Cantare at Fressingfield Music Festival on 27 September – especially the lovely alto aria “Es ist vollbracht”. Tragic and chocolately all at the same time…Tickets are £12.

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Hello and welcome to my new website!
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